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Top 5 Android Games in 2020

Hello friends, welcome to our new post, so how do you hope you will be thinking about it today, we are going to talk about the Top 5 Android Games in 2020 You must have played many games but we will tell about some of the top games. You can improve your gaming experience even more by playing it.

Friends, in today’s time, almost everyone likes to play their favorite game in their free time. Ever since the craze of pubg mobile game started raiding people’s hearts, most of the mobile gaming craze has started expanding.

Today you will find many gaming applications on Google’s Play Store, which improve your better gaming experience. Along with children, now older people are also gradually showing their interest in many types of games, in view of this, the field of gaming is expanding very much, new games are being launched every day.

If you are also fond of playing games, then today through this article, we will tell you all the 5 best Android games (Top 5 free Android game list in 2020), which will improve your gaming experience. , Is going to provide information on this subject in detail.

Top best Android game list 2020 for free: Friends, here we are going to tell you all the list of 5 best games that are for free, even we can give you pubg alternative game list in Hindi and popular like The game also has an alternative game. If you are a fan of games like Pabji or other games, then please read our complete list.

Top 5 Android Games in 2020

1.Fau-g game

Friends, in this new list of our gaming, the military game is named at the top, the biggest reason for this is that this game has been completely manufactured in our country of India. Apart from this, this game has been provided with a graphic exactly like the exact game.

Just as the Pubic Game Lovers had an interest in the Pubby game, in the same way, people will also get all the features that they got in the Pubby Game Experience. The biggest feature of this game is that 20% of the revenue of this game will be used in the interest of the Indian Army. Note: – The military game has not yet been launched on Google Play Store, military The game is expected to be launched around the end of October 2020 or by mid-October.

2.Call of duty

The mobile version of the Call of duty Android mobile game was launched in the month of October 2019. Ever since the Call of Duty mobile game was launched, almost since then, this pub was competing with the mobile game somewhere. In this game, you can get the experience of Same to Same Pubg Mobile. But ever since Pubg Mobile was banned in India, the popularity of the Call of Duty game has been increasing day by day. So far, more than 100 million people have downloaded this game from Google’s Play Store.

3.Garena free fire

In the list of Pub-g mobile game alternative list 2020, we have included Garena free fire free android and iOS games. In this game, 49 players participate at once and in the same way, as the team was defeated in the PUBG game, the other team is also made in this game and landed on the battlefield. Although the popularity of this game was not so much that of the Pabji game, but since Pabzi has been banned in India, most people are preferring to play the Garina Free Fire game. You can download and play this game from the Android and iOS platforms for free.

4.Candy crush saga

This mobile game is not like PUBG or any other battle royal game, but still, most people like to play this game in our country. This game can be easily played on both offline and online platforms. If you play this game online, then characters called Tiffy and toffee help you play the game. Thousands of levels are present in this game and at every level, you get a better experience than the previous level.

5.West gunfighter

If you are a fan of action and adventure games, then you must play the West Gunfighter game once. Although it is based on the story of a Hollywood movie, you are going to get a very good gaming experience payment in this game. Within this game, you will see one to one better quality features. In this game, you get more than 100 labels and game weapons. You will get such features in it, which can hardly be found in any free game. The game has a 4.42-star rating on Google’s Play Store and nearly 50 million people have installed it on their phones.


So friends, how did you like our post, hope you liked this post of ours, you have just seen this about the top 5 Android Games in 2020, so these were some of the top games that you might have played this game, then you will know How much fun you have in playing this game, you can improve your gaming experience even more by playing this game, thanks.

Top 5 Bike Under 1 lakhs

Hello friends, how are you, I hope you all will be fine, welcome to our post Top 5 Bike Under 1 lakhs if you also want to get a new bike and you have come here after smashing a good bike Here in our post Top 5 Bike Under 1 lakhs, you have found some good 5 bikes that you can see.

In today’s time, the bike has become a necessity for every gear and you will get a higher rate of the bike in every gear, talk of the card bike, nowadays the bike is seen running on the highest road, in the present time, the number of bikes is growing even more. It has gone and if you do not have a bike or if your bike is old or your bike gets very bad, then it becomes a necessity for us to get a new bike.

But nowadays, many bikes have come new, in today’s growing country, many new bikes have come out, such that if you are also confused that which bike to take and which bike or which bike will be good for us, if you too are a If you want to get a new bike, then this question can also come in your mind.

 If you are bringing the bike in your first thing, then perhaps you do not know that someone should take the bike, and if you already use the bike, then you can easily select your bike well, which one? The bike will be good for us and now the company has invented many bikes and in the old bike, it has also changed many things and put full emphasis on making good bikes which can be sold more and many more bikes Right now in which you will get good mileage and that bike design is also good, along with many new functions and the style of the looks is also very good, then you have seen this complete post of ours, here is a list of some good bikes. Could get it and you could select a good bike.

Now even then, the question of how to select a good bike is also a question, if not only you can select your bike online but also from the environment around you. To get a good bike, you can do this by approaching your nearest person. Let’s go to the bike show room and you can see the bike there, after that you can also talk to your friends Ristadaro who you know what they have to say, then if friends are seen then every bike is right nowadays If someone likes someone else then the other likes someone else, but you have to see what kind of bike you want, so you can see the bike mentioned in this post and you can easily select a good bike, so let’s start To this post.

Top 5 Bike Under 1 lakh

1.Bajaj Avenger Street 160

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 This bike can also be great for you, the look of this bike is also very different and stylish, you can see it in it, you get 160CC and talking about the weight of this bike, the weight of this bike is 156KG and this bike will give you spicy RedEbony comes in Black color.

Displacement             160 cc

WeightKerb Weight    156 kg

Colours                  Spicy RedEbony Black

Max Power                 14.79 bhp

2.Splendor Plus

Splendor Plus It is a simple bike and has a simple design and it comes in a slightly lower price and comes in 97.2CC and comes with Fuel Capacity9.8 L, so many people have bought this bike because its design is simple. And its price is also right, if you want to take such a bike, then you can see this bike

Displacement                         97.2 cc

Engine Type    Air-cooled, 4 – Stroke     Single Cylinder OHC

Front                                      BrakeDrum

Fuel Capacity                          9.8 L

3.Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bajaj Pulsar 150 The design of this bike is a little simple and good and you can manage it easily and you will find it easier to walk, if you talk about CC of this bike then this bike is CC 149CC and if you buy this bike by weight It is 150KG and you get this bike black, red, black blue, and many colors and if you talk about the price of this bike, it will be found in between rs93,000 to 1 lakh

Engine                     149 CCEmission

Type:BS6Power       14 PS @ 8500 

rpmGears                  5 

SpeedABS                Single 

ChannelWheels     AlloyTyre:TubelessKerb 

Weight                       150 Kg

Colors                     Black Red , Black Blue 

4.TVS Apache RTR 160

TVS Apache RTR 160 This is a very good bike that you can see, this bike comes from TVS and if you talk about the mileage of this bike, then it is 50kmpl, which is the same in this bike, then talk about the CC of this bike. It has CC, so you get 159.7CC in it, which you can run your bike well if you.

Mileage                         50kmpl

Engine Displacement   159.7cc

Price                             Rs.93,539

5.Hero Xpulse 200

Hero Xpulse 200 You can see this bike, you will get a good design in this bike, its price is rs 97.000 and in this bike you get a good look with good design and when talking about the mileage of this bike, its mileage is 40kmpl which is said. It is good and if we talk about its CC with it, the range is 199.6CC 18.1bhp so you can see this bike.

Mileage                         40kmpl

Engine Displacement    199.6cc

Price                              Rs.97,000


So, friends, this was the top bike that you can see, friends, this post of yours is our top 5 Bike Under 1 lakhs in this post, I told you about all the bikes that you can easily take a bike to, then you like our post. If you have come, then you must share this post with your friends and if you have any suggestions, please comment and tell.